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What Can You Discover About Someone From Their Phone Number

A phone number is much more than just 10 digits you enter in order to contact someone. Thanks to digital public records and services that specialize in reverse phone searches, a phone number can help you reveal the phone owner’s age, gender, name, location, and more. Read on to discover the full range of data a phone number can help you obtain.

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How To Search A Person By Phone Number

Thanks to reverse phone lookup services, searching a person by phone number is now perfectly easy. Regardless of whether it is a business, home or cell phone number, you can discover plenty of publicly available personal information about the owner in a single click and virtually no time. Read the full article to learn more about the process.

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What Is The National Do Not Call Registry

If you want to find an effective way to stop sales calls, read our guide and discover how to add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry and how to additionally protect yourself and others from falling victim to scam callers.

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How To Identify A Scam Call

Much has changed since the last century, but phone scams are still as annoyingly common as they were several decades ago. In this article, you can learn how to effortlessly avoid them and how to tell a scammer from a legitimate business. For those interested, we offer bonus facts on how to report scam calls and why such reports are important.

How To Tell If A Number Is A Cell Phone Or Landline

While you cannot tell whether a call originates from a cell phone or a landline just by looking at the phone number, there are still a few easy ways to identify the phone type. In this article, we introduce you to a range of potential solutions that are worth trying out.

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How to Protect Yourself From Reverse Phone Lookups

A reverse phone lookup can tell you quite a lot about an unknown caller and thus help you avoid potential scams and identify the calls you should or should not return. However, you may not be equally happy about the fact that your number can be reversed as well. Read on to discover the best ways to maximize your immunity to reverse phone lookups.

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How To Block A Number On Your Cell

If you wish to block a phone number on your cell phone, read this guide and discover the most reliable methods for caller blocking.

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How To Block A Number From A Landline Phone

If you are tired of receiving unwanted calls on your landline, there are several ways to prevent calls from scammers, pranksters, telemarketers, and individuals you do not wish to be able to contact you.

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How To Recognize Government And Bank Imposter Scams

If you are worried about scammers pretending to be government or bank representatives, this guide can help you identify the most common government and bank imposter scams and learn how to protect yourself from phone call frauds.

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What To Do If Someone Is Using Your Phone Number To Make Fraudulent Calls (Spoofing)

If you start receiving an unusually high number of calls from unknown numbers claiming you have repeatedly called and harassed them, chances are your number has been spoofed. To find out how to successfully manage this situation, read this informative guide on what to do when someone is using your number for spoofing.

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What is Vishing? How to Recognize Voice Phishing Phone Calls

If you do not know what vishing is and you are unfamiliar with phishing phone calls, read this guide to learn all about the latest version of phone scams and how to avoid falling victim to it.

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How To Find Out The Number Behind No Caller ID

Have you been receiving calls with No Caller ID? If you wish to find out who the unknown caller is, here are a few suggestions on how to discover their number.

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What Does Your Phone Number Reveal About You

To find out exactly how much information your phone number reveals about you and how to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, read this informative article on the dangers you may face if you continue to give away your number without thinking it through.

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What You Should Know About The NANP

The North American Numbering Plan was created to replace a complicated phone telephone system relying mostly on switchboard operators. Read our guide on the NANP to discover how it came into existence, how it changed over the years, and how it meets modern demands.