Unknown number callingApril 13, 2020

How To Find Out The Number Behind No Caller ID

Most people are not too thrilled when they see No Caller ID or Private Number on their phone displays. There is usually a reason someone is trying to hide their number and that reason may involve illegal actions or harassment. You can avoid picking up the phone, but if the calls get more frequent, it is time to do something about it. Here are a few options for both landline and cell phones that might help you discover the number behind No Caller ID.

Landline Phones

If a caller ID on your landline phone display says No Caller ID, there are a couple of things you can do:

1. Use Star Code 57

The star code 57 activates the Call Trace feature in landline phones. To access it, dial *57 and you should be able to see the number that called you. Note that this option does not work for all unknown numbers or carrier services (carriers like Verizon and AT&T provide this service). Presuming that a call trace feature provided by your service carrier does work and you manage to uncover the phone number behind the No Caller ID, you can run it through the search on our site and learn more about the caller’s identity, which can then help you figure out who is calling you and what action you should take to avoid receiving anonymous calls in the future.

2. Check For Other Options With Your Phone Company

If No Caller ID calls keep repeating, it would probably be best to inform your service provider and check what kind of Anonymous Caller ID service it provides. With the Anonymous Caller ID service, your phone will automatically screen incoming calls and check their authenticity. If it turns out that the call originates from an unknown or a private number, the caller will have to unblock it if they want to proceed with the call. The unblocked number will then be visible on your screen. Another solution that your phone company may provide is to contact the caller or the caller’s service provider and ask that the calls stop. Your carrier may ask you to provide your name and phone number along with the time and dates of the calls so they can track down the caller and hopefully put an end to the harassment.

Cell Phones

If the incoming call on your cell phone reads Private Number or Private Caller, it usually means that the caller blocked their number on purpose by entering code 67 or did so through their service provider. To find out who is behind the Private calls, try the following:

1. Dial Star Code 69

By dialing the star code 69, you will redial the number of your last incoming call. This service is offered by most phone carriers in North America. If you dial *69 and the caller answers, inform them that you have received a call from that number with no caller ID. In case your call goes straight to voicemail, listen to the entire recorded message because it might provide clues into your caller’s identity. 

2. Press The Redial Button 

If your mobile device has a redial button or it offers a redial feature, try it after receiving a Private Number call. The call will go through to the caller’s number, in which case you can either wait for the caller to pick up the phone or listen to the voicemail message. 

Hopefully, at least one of these options will help you and you will be able to uncover your mystery caller’s identity. The best advice we can give you is to contact your service carrier and see what services they can provide. For information on the owner of the number, you can try our search. Once you have the information you need, you will be able to decide the best course of action, depending on the caller’s identity.